New books – Sociology and Social Work


Diversity, Standardization and Social Transformation: Gender, Ethnicity and Inequality in Europe    Edited by Max Koch, Lund University, Sweden, Lesley McMillan, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK and Bram Peper, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Queer Company: The Role and Meaning of Friendship in Gay Men’s Work Lives    Nick Rumens, University of Bristol, UK

Red, Black, and Objective: Science, Sociology, and Anarchism    Sal Restivo, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA  

Social Problems and Inequality: Social Responsibility through Progressive Sociology    John C. Alessio, Minnesota State University, Mankato, USA

Status, Power and Ritual Interaction: A Relational Reading of Durkheim, Goffman and Collins    Theodore D. Kemper, St. John’s University, New York, USA

The Ashgate Research Companion to Cosmopolitanism    Edited by Maria Rovisco, York St John University, UK and Magdalena Nowicka, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Germany

The Lesbian and Gay Movement and the State: Comparative Insights into a Transformed Relationship   Edited by Manon Tremblay, Université d’Ottawa, Canada, David Paternotte, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium and Carol Johnson, University of Adelaide, Australia

The Rhetoric of Racist Humour: US, UK and Global Race Joking     Simon Weaver, University of Leicester, UK

Transforming Gendered Well-Being in Europe: The Impact of Social Movements    Edited by Alison E. Woodward, Vrije Universiteit, Brussels, Belgium, Jean-Michel Bonvin, University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland and  Mercè Renom, Institut Interuniversitari d’Estudis de Dones i Gènere, Spain

Social Work

Population Ageing in Central and Eastern Europe: Societal and Policy Implications    Edited by Andreas Hoff, Zittau-Goerlitz University of Applied Sciences, Germany

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