The Beijing Book Fair 2011

Posted by Keith Towndrow (Rights and Permissions), who has just returned from this year’s Beijing Book Fair.

This year the Beijing International Book Fair was moved to a new location because of redevelopment of the old venue. However, just off of Tianbei Road the aisles, courtyards, and halls were as busy as previous years, full of publishers, distributors and rights personnel.

Walking on to the Ashgate Publishing Group stand and seeing the 400+ books that had arrived, after being taken on a road-show to China’s universities, it was safe to say the book fair had begun!

At the book fair we meet with old and new customers, publishers, and rights personnel to discuss business, and the possibility of future foreign language versions of Ashgate, Gower and Lund Humphries books, mainly for trade throughout mainland China, Taiwan, and Asia.

Having a presence at the Beijing Book Fair is invaluable, as it enables us to work with and to meet new and existing customers face to face. This is especially important as meeting and building relationships with foreign language publishers can be extremely difficult, whether working with an agency or not.

We have established relationships with some of the largest academic, business publishers, university presses, and rights agencies based in China. We have transferred language rights for countless books into simplified, and complex-Chinese. This year we sent out over a hundred reading options for review to publishers and agencies; following from this, hopefully we’ll see some future Chinese language versions made available soon.


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