Ann C. Colley discussing Dickens and social realism

Posted by Ann Donahue, Senior Editor

We’re always delighted, though not surprised, to discover that one of our authors has many strings to her bow. Ann C. Colley is not only an accomplished mountaineer and a fine scholar (her Victorians in the Mountains was published in December 2010, but she also has a degree in music. Is it any wonder, then, that she was asked to participate in MusicalFare Theatre’s T3 series? We’d like to congratulate Professor Colley for serving as a panelist in the most recent event in the series, offered in connection with MusicalFare’s production of Oliver, “Please Sir, I Want Some More.”

The event (on September 29) is an informative and spirited Talk About societal conditions as portrayed by Charles Dickens in 19th century London, updated to both the 1930s Depression and contemporary America, including the challenges faced when translating gritty social realism into “popular entertainment.” 

More information on the T3 series

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