‘The Scottish Intellect’ – A major new BBC series on the history of Scottish universities

BBC Radio Scotland is currently broadcasting a major seven-part series on the history of Scottish universities, entitled The Scottish Intellect.

The series compares both the academic and social experiences of today’s students, with those of students throughout history. We hear of the strict regime in the 1400s, for boy as young as fourteen living away from home. Much later, at the Glasgow University Union, we learn that a thriving society using the Union was the Glasgow University Pole Dancing Club!

In this series, produced and presented by award-winning Scottish Broadcaster Billy Kay,  Ashgate author Steven J. Reid will be interviewed in part two which airs on 28th September at 14.05. The programme will also then be available for a week on iplayer.

Humanism and Calvinism

Steven J. Reid, Lecturer in Scottish History at the University of Glasgow, is the author of Humanism and Calvinism, one of two books he has written for Ashgate’s St Andrews Studies in Reformation History series. Steven is also co-editor of Ramus, Pedagogy and the Liberal Arts, publishing in October. Also involved in the series is Ashgate author Esther Mijers, co-editor of Redefining William III

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