Robin Alston – the founder of Scolar Press

We were sorry to hear about the death of Robin Alston, who founded Scolar Press in 1966.

Scolar Press is an important part of the Ashgate Publishing Group’s history, as it became one of our imprints back in 1986. At that time the list still had a handful of the original reprint series established by Robin Alston. These included the English Recusant Literature volumes and Caxton’s Chaucer; and we subsequently revived one or two of the original facsimile series, notably the Poems of Alexander Pope for the Pope Tercentenary in 1988.

Books from the Scolar Press list were part of the foundations of our current humanities publishing programme and, as many of our authors will remember, our Book History, Literary Studies, History, Music Studies and Art History books were published under the Scolar imprint up until 1996, when we combined our various academic imprints under the single Ashgate name.

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