Call for proposals – Election Law, Politics, and Theory

We are actively seeking manuscripts and proposals for the book series Election Law, Politics, and Theory, edited by David Schultz.

The Battle Over Bilingual Ballots State Secretaries of State

Titles already published in the series include James Tucker’s The Battle over Bilingual Ballots and Jocelyn Benson’s State Secretaries of State.

Election Law, Politics, and Theory broadly examines election law at the national, subnational, international, supranational, and comparative levels, considering topics such as voting rights, reapportionment, ballot access, campaign finance reform, the courts and election regulation, election law and democratization, and the role of actors such as political parties, the media, and others in the election process.

About the Editor:  David Schultz is a professor in the Hamline University Graduate School of Management, and holds an appointment at the University of Minnesota Law School, where he teaches election law, state constitutional law, and legal ethics, and where he is a senior fellow at the Institute on Law and Politics.

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