New books – Literary Studies

Literary Studies

Costuming the Shakespearean Stage: Visual Codes of Representation in Early Modern Theatre and Culture    Robert I. Lublin, University of Massachusetts-Boston, USA

Critical Discourses of the Fantastic, 1712–1831    David Sandner, California State University, Fullerton, USA

Gender and Early Modern Constructions of Childhood    Edited by Naomi J. Miller, Smith College, USA, and Naomi Yavneh, Loyola University New Orleans, USA.

Imitation and Praise in the Poems of Ben Jonson     Richard S. Peterson, University of Connecticut, USA

Mediating Identities in Eighteenth-Century England: Public Negotiations, Literary Discourses, Topography    Edited by Isabel Karremann, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, Germany, and Anja Müller, Universität Siegen, Germany

Playwright, Space and Place in Early Modern Performance: Shakespeare and Company     Tim Fitzpatrick, University of Sydney, Australia

Writing Tangier in the Postcolonial Transition: Space and Power in Expatriate and North African Literature    Michael K. Walonen, Bethune-Cookman University, USA

Wyndham Lewis and the Cultures of Modernity    Edited by Andrzej Gasiorek, Alice Reeve-Tucker and Nathan Waddell, all at the University of Birmingham, UK

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