‘Functionalism Revisited’ by Jon Lang and Walter Moleski – ‘A must read’…

Posted by Fiona Dunford, Marketing Executive

Functionalism Revisited is based on Abraham Maslow’s theory of human motivations, and follows on from Jon Lang’s widely-used text, Creating Architectural Theory: The Role of the Behavioral Sciences in Environmental Design. In this new book Lang and Moleski propose a new model of functionalism that responds to numerous observations on the inadequacy of current ways of thinking about functionalism in architecture and urban design.

Functionalism Revisited is receiving great reviews…

‘…fulfills a longstanding need to synthesize the research on environment and people in a manner of use to architects and urban designers.’  Ali Madanipour, Newcastle University, UK

‘”Function” has been a four-letter word in architecture for far too long. Fortunately, Jon Lang and Walter Moleski have rehabilitated the concept, redefining its value through a rigorous and insightful presentation of all that a good theory of functionalism can offer.’  Karen A. Franck, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

‘…serves as a much needed roadmap for understanding buildings and cities in transition from the last century to the present.’  Alfonso Vegara, Fundación Metrópoli, Spain

‘This is a must read contribution and would be an excellent text for both undergraduate and graduate students in architecture, urban design and allied fields. In addition to fulfilling the need to synthesize knowledge about people into knowledge about environments, the book is also of great value in terms of offering cross cultural examples from developed and developing contexts and presenting a wide spectrum of perspectives and important determinants in designing future built environments’   The International Journal of Architectural Research, Vol 5, Issue 2, July 2011.

More information about Functionalism Revisited 

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