New books – Variorum, History


Ming Taizu (r. 1368–98) and the Foundation of the Ming Dynasty in China    Hok-lam Chan (1938-2011), formerly University of Washington, US

Studies on Eighteenth-Century Geology    Rhoda Rappaport, edited by Kenneth L. Taylor and Martin Rudwick

The Development of Islamic Law and Society in the Maghrib: Qadis, Muftis and Family Law    David S. Powers, Cornell University, USA.

The Sources of Beneventan Chant    Thomas Forrest Kelly, Harvard University, USA

Medieval and Early Modern History

Ansgar, Rimbert and the Forged Foundations of Hamburg-Bremen    Eric Knibbs, Stephan Kuttner Institute of Medieval Canon Law, Germany

Custom, Improvement and the Landscape in Early Modern Britain    Edited by Richard W. Hoyle, University of Reading, UK

Law as Profession and Practice in Medieval Europe: Essays in Honor of James A. Brundage    Edited by Kenneth Pennington, The Catholic University of America, USA, and Melodie Harris Eichbauer, Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, USA

Nicholas of Cusa – A Companion to his Life and his Times    Morimichi Watanabe, Long Island University, USA
Edited by Gerald Christianson and Thomas M. Izbicki

Ramus, Pedagogy and the Liberal Arts: Ramism in Britain and the Wider World    Edited by Steven J. Reid, University of Glasgow, UK, and Emma Annette Wilson, University of Pittsburgh, USA

The Proceedings against the Templars in the British Isles: Volume 1: The Latin Edition, Volume 2: The Translation     Edited by Helen J. Nicholson, Cardiff University, UK

Modern History

Conservatism and British Foreign Policy, 1820–1920: The Derbys and their World     Edited by Geoffrey Hicks, University of East Anglia, UK

On the Fringes of Diplomacy: Influences on British Foreign Policy, 1800–1945    Edited by John Fisher and Antony Best

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