New books – Art and Visual Studies, Geography, Planning

Art and Visual Studies

Architecture in Nineteenth-Century Photographs: Essays on Reading a Collection    Micheline Nilsen, Indiana University South Bend, USA

Cinemas in Britain: A History of Cinema Architecture     Richard Gray

F.C.B. Cadell: The Life and Works of a Scottish Colourist 1883-1937    Tom Hewlett and Duncan Macmillan with a Foreword by Timothy Clifford


Culture and Planning   Simone Abram, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

Europe in the World: EU Geopolitics and the Making of European Space    Edited by Luiza Bialasiewicz, Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Lessons for the Big Society: Planning, Regeneration and the Politics of Community Participation   Bryan Fanning, University College Dublin, Ireland and Denis Dillon, Community Service Volunteers, UK

Mobilities and Health    Anthony C. Gatrell, Lancaster University, UK

Tourists, Signs and the City: The Semiotics of Culture in an Urban Landscape   Michelle M. Metro-Roland, Western Michigan University, USA

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