New books – Geography and Landscape

An Introduction to Landscape    Peter J. Howard, Bournemouth University, UK

Borders in Post-Socialist Europe: Territory, Scale, Society    Tassilo Herrschel, University of Westminster, UK

Fortifications, Post-colonialism and Power: Ruins and Imperial Legacies    João Sarmento, University of Minho and University of Lisbon, Portugal

French Encounters with the American Counterculture 1960-1980    Caroline Maniaque-Benton, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture, Paris-Malaquais, France

Geographies of Ageing: Social Processes and the Spatial Unevenness of Population Ageing   Amanda Davies, Curtin University, Australia and  Amity James, University of Queensland, Australia

Geography Speaks: Performative Aspects of Geography   Rob Sullivan, UCLA, USA

Routes, Roads and Landscapes   Edited by Mari Hvattum and Janike Kampevold Larsen, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway and Brita Brenna and Beate Elvebakk, University of Oslo, Norway

The Planting Design Handbook    Nick Robinson, Chartered Landscape Architect (UK), MLI (UK), MIHort (UK), NZILA (New Zealand)

Towards World Heritage: International Origins of the Preservation Movement 1870-1930    Edited by Melanie Hall, Boston University, USA

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