New books – Variorum, Medieval, Early Modern and Modern History


On the Military Orders in Medieval Europe; Structures and Perceptions    Jürgen Sarnowsky, University of Hamburg, Germany

Medieval and Early Modern History

Catholic and Protestant Translations of the Imitatio Christi, 1425–1650: From Late Medieval Classic to Early Modern Bestseller    Maximilian von Habsburg, Oundle School, UK

Commemorating the Dead in Late Medieval Strasbourg: The Cathedral’s Book of Donors and Its Use (1320-1521)    Charlotte A. Stanford, Brigham Young University, USA

Crusading and Chronicle Writing on the Medieval Baltic Frontier: A Companion to the Chronicle of Henry of Livonia    Edited by Marek Tamm, Tallinn University, Estonia,  Linda Kaljundi, Tallinn University, Estonia, and Carsten Selch Jensen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Hugh of Amiens and the Twelfth-Century Renaissance    Ryan P. Freeburn, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy, Ontario, Canada

Interpreting the Bible and Aristotle in Late Antiquity: The Alexandrian Commentary Tradition between Rome and Baghdad    Edited by Josef Lössl and John W. Watt, Cardiff University, UK

John Owen, Richard Baxter and the Formation of Nonconformity   Tim Cooper, University of Otago, New Zealand

Rome: Continuing Encounters between Past and Present    Edited by Dorigen Caldwell, Birkbeck, University of London, and Lesley Caldwell, University College London

The Laws and Other Legalities of Ireland, 1689-1850    Edited by Michael Brown, University of Aberdeen, UK, and Seán Patrick Donlan, University of Limerick, Ireland

Modern History

The Crimean War: British Grand Strategy against Russia, 1853–56    Andrew Lambert, King’s College London, UK

A Cretan Healer’s Handbook in the Byzantine Tradition: Text, Translation and Commentary    Patricia Ann Clark, University of Victoria, Canada

Nursing before Nightingale, 1815–1899    Carol Helmstadter and Judith Godden

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