Ashgate and The Crusades

Posted by Claire Percy, Senior Marketing Executive

The Guardian has described the BBC2 documentary series The Crusades as ‘storytelling of the highest quality … never less than utterly engaging.’

Its presenter Tom Asbridge, Reader in Medieval History at Queen Mary University of London, publishes widely on the history of The Crusades, and has previously published with Ashgate.

In his blog, Tom Asbridge talks about one of the highlights of making the series being the chance to view an 800-year-old manuscript, its text laying bare Saladin’s agony in July 1192, during the Third Crusade, when he abandoned Jerusalem to the Christians.

You can read for yourself some of this source material, in Ashgate’s Crusade Texts in Translation series. Volumes in the series include The Rare and Excellent History of Saladin, a translation of the Muslim ruler’s life and career by Ibn Shaddad (1144–1234) who was a close associate of Saladin for a number of years.

‘… The Rare and Excellent History of Saladin will be of immense value to non-Arabic readers… an excellent translation of the text… invaluable to students and scholars alike: it is not just an improving and useful read, but a lively and entertaining one as well.’ Crusades

You can see all Ashgate Crusades titles here.

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