1000th Variorum book published!

Posted by Claire Percy, Senior Marketing Executive

In 2006, The Journal of Ecclesiastical History asked the question, ‘What would we do without the Variorum Collected Studies Series?’  Fortunately, the absence of the Series is not something scholars need consider, as Ashgate announces the landmark 1000th publication in the Series!

The Variorum Collected Studies Series has an international reputation established over more than 40 years, for the publication of key research by leading scholars across the fields of historical studies. Subjects covered range from antiquity to the 19th century, and include the histories of science, philosophy, art and music. The Series is complemented by reference collections including early Islamic history and the expansion of Europe.

John Smedley, Publisher with Ashgate, has been instrumental in the development and success of the Series which has been described by The Art Newspaper as ‘… an indispensable service to scholarship … .’

The 1000th volume is Pages from the Past: Medieval Writing Skills and Manuscript Books, a collection of articles by Malcolm Parkes which considers the circumstances in which medieval books were produced, copied and read.

Malcolm Parkes’ other Ashgate books include Pause and Effect: An Introduction to the History of Punctuation in the West and Their Hands Before Our Eyes: A Closer Look at Scribes

From the Times Literary Supplement:

‘Malcolm Parkes is an English by-word for expertise in medieval palaeography … his publications on this subject have become the standard of reference. … Their Hands Before Our Eyes is densely packed with information, with copious references to previous publications by Parkes and others that laid the groundwork for this overview. …  Its broad scope ranges from the fifth to the sixteenth centuries, encompassing not only British but Continental handwriting as well. … There is almost nothing to fault in this book.’

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