New books – History, Variorum

Medieval and Early Modern History

Forbidden Prayer: Church Censorship and Devotional Literature in Renaissance Italy    Giorgio Caravale, Università di Roma Tre, Italy

Jews in the Early Modern English Imagination: A Scattered Nation    Eva Johanna Holmberg, Academy of Finland 2010-2012; Visiting fellow 2010: Queen Mary, University of London, UK

The Society of Jesus in Ireland, Scotland, and England, 1589–1597: Building the Faith of Saint Peter upon the King of Spain’s Monarchy    Thomas M. McCoog, S.J., Fordham University, USA

Modern History 

‘Boredom is the Enemy’: The Intellectual and Imaginative Lives of Australian Soldiers in the Great War and Beyond    Amanda Laugesen, Australian National University, Australia


Chant and Notation in South Italy and Rome before 1300    John Boe, University of Arizona, USA

Humanism and Renaissance Civilization    Charles G. Nauert, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA

Plotinus, Porphyry and Iamblichus: Philosophy and Religion in Neoplatonism    Andrew Smith, University College Dublin, Ireland

Reform, Representation and Theology in Nicholas of Cusa and His Age    H. Lawrence Bond, formerly Appalachian State University, USA, and Gerald Christianson, Lutheran Theological Seminary, USA

Studies in the History of Modern Pharmacology and Drug Therapy    John Parascandola, University of Maryland College Park, USA

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