Over 3000 Ashgate books are now available as ebooks

We aim to make as many books as possible available in both print and e-format, and we now have over 3000 titles available as ebooks.

A complete listing of our available ebooks can be found on our website. Visit ashgate.com/ebooks and click on the link.

To find out whether a particular book is available as an ebook, search for the book on our website, and the book’s information page will indicate whether the book is available as an ebook edition.

We do not currently sell ebooks directly to customers from our website, but access to Ashgate ebooks can be purchased via a wide range of ebook suppliers. The full range of suppliers we work with is shown on the website. The major ones include:

For libraries:

  • Dawsonera
  • EBSCO Netlibrary
  • EBL
  • Ebrary
  • Myilibrary

For individuals:

  • Ebooks.com
  • Google Play
  • Amazon (selected titles only)

Our ebooks are available in enhanced pdf format, and include a fully bookmarked table of contents, internal hyperlinks to and from the table of contents, a hyperlinked index and hyperlinked endnotes.

Ashgate’s ebooks are predominantly bought by institutional purchasers, and read on screen either in an institutional library or remotely. One advantage to libraries of buying ebooks is the flexibility of access. Depending on the supplier or the access model, ebooks can be purchased on a short term loan basis, or may be licensed to multiple users, making it more practical to assign as textbooks titles which previously were only available as hardbacks.

The pdf format retains the original page numbering and page layout, which aids citation. As the page layout is fixed, these ebooks are best viewed on larger screens, such as desktops and laptops.

In the near future, we will also be making many of our existing ebooks available in the ePub format. EPub is a reflowable text format, which is designed for ebook readers (including Kobo, Nook and the Sony e-reader), tablets and smartphones.

Around 1000 Ashgate books are currently available in Amazon’s Kindle format. Like ePub, Kindle books feature reflowable text, which is good for reading on the smaller Kindle screen.

Visit www.ashgate.com/ebooks for more information

Note: If an Ashgate book is not available in ebook form, this is usually because of copyright reasons. Our reprint reference series are not available in ebook form. Only a minority of books in our current Visual Studies list are available as ebooks, because of the illustrations, although we aim to publish more Visual Studies ebooks in the future.

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