The Shakespearean International Yearbook prepares a special section on digital Shakespeares – papers are invited

Guest post from Alexander Huang

Co-edited by Hugh Craig and Brett D. Hirsch, a special section on “Digital Shakespeares” is planned for the 2013 Shakespearean International Yearbook.

If data is “the next big idea in language, history and the arts”, as Patricia Cohen has suggested, where are we now in Shakespeare studies? Are we being “digital” yet?

The guest editors of this special issue of The Shakespearean International Yearbook invite papers to critically explore digital innovations, interventions, and mediations in Shakespeare studies, in particular, the application of digital technologies and methodologies — such as computational stylistics, data mining and visualization, 3D virtual modelling, electronic publishing, etc. — and their impact on Shakespeare research, performance, and pedagogy.

Papers theorizing “digital”, “networked”, or “new media” Shakespeares, as well as papers interrogating the ways in which the digital influences the performance of Shakespeare on both stage and screen, are also welcomed.

Edited by Alex Huang (George Washington University) and Tom Bishop (University of Auckland), The Shakespearean International Yearbook surveys the present state of Shakespeare studies, addressing issues that are fundamental to our interpretive encounter with Shakespeare’s work and his time, across the whole spectrum of his literary output. Each issue includes a special section under the guidance of a specialist Guest Editor, as well as a production diary or record of a notable Shakespeare performance.

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