Intercountry Adoption – “a genuinely important book”

We’ve received some great reviews for Intercountry Adoption: Policies, Practices and Outcomes. The book is edited by Judith L. Gibbons and Karen Smith Rotabi, and is part of our Contemporary Social Work Studies series.

 ‘I love the breadth of information and perspective in Intercountry Adoption. It fills a gap in knowledge about a very important part of our world; it’s a genuinely important book.’   Adam Pertman, Executive Director, Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute; author of Adoption Nation

‘Drs. Gibbons and Rotabi have assembled an impressive collection of international (and inter-disciplinary) scholars to provide a comprehensive text on the practices and policies of international adoption. This book explores the myriad ethical, legal, and social layers of adoption from diverse perspectives to encourage increased dialogue regarding the global policies that support children in need of care. A must-read!’   Samantha L. Wilson, Medical College of Wisconsin, USA

‘This is an amazing “must read” book covering a multitude of issues and perspectives associated with intercountry adoptions. Contributing authors discuss intercountry  adoption policies and regulations, outcomes for adopters, perspectives from sending countries, and strategies for improving adoption practices.  Social work practitioners, researchers, adoption advocates,  members of the adoption triad, as well as policy makers all will benefit from this  volume.’   Ruth G. McRoy, Boston College Graduate School of Social Work, USA

More information about Intercountry Adoption

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