The first three books in our new “Archbishops of Canterbury” series are now available

The first three books from our Archbishops of Canterbury series are now available:

Archbishop Anselm, 1093-1109: Bec Missionary, Canterbury Primate, Patriarch of Another World (Sally N. Vaughn)

Archbishop Fisher, 1945-1961: Church, State and World (David Hein and Andrew Chandler)

Archbishops Ralph d’Escures, William of Corbeil and theobald of Bec: Heirs of Anselm and Ancestors of Becket (Jean Truax)

Developed in association with Lambeth Palace Library archives, this series presents authoritative studies on the Archbishops of Canterbury.

Each book combines biographical, historical, theological, social and political analysis within each archiepiscopacy, with original source material drawn from the Archbishop’s correspondence, speeches and published and unpublished writings.

Full information about the series, and individual volumes within it, is available on our website.

The Archbishops of Canterbury series is edited by Andrew Chandler, The George Bell Institute, University of Chichester, UK

The Series advisory board: Melanie Barber, formerly Lambeth Palace Library; Katy Cubitt, University of York; Nicholas Brooks, University of Birmingham; Anne Duggan; Sally Vaughn, University of Houston; Julia Barrow, University of Nottingham; Christopher Harper-Bill, University of East Anglia; Robert Swanson, University of Birmingham; Diarmaid McCulloch, University of Oxford; Alexandra Walsham, University of Exeter; Judith Maltby, University of Oxford; Jeremy Gregory; Stephen Taylor, University of Reading; Arthur Burns, King’s College, London; David Hein, Hood College, Maryland.

Future books in the series will include: Archbishop Longley (Andrew Atherstone), Archbishop Pole (John Edwards), and Archbishop Ramsey (Peter Webster). To hear about new titles from our Religion and Theology list as they are published, you can sign up to our free monthly email updates.

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