Ashgate Contemporary Ecclesiology series – proposals welcome

Ashgate’s Contemporary Ecclesiology series is edited by Martyn Percy (Ripon College Cuddesdon, Oxford), D. Thomas Hughson (Marquette University, USA) and Bruce Kaye, (Charles Sturt University, Australia).

The field of ecclesiology has grown remarkably in the last decade, and most especially in relation to the study of the contemporary church. Recently, theological attention has turned once more to the nature of the church, its practices and proclivities, and to interpretative readings and understandings on its role, function and ethos in contemporary society.

The Contemporary Ecclesiology series has a clear focus on the current situation of churches worldwide and welcomes contributions from across social science disciplines, with the aim of offering an invaluable resource for students, researchers, ministers and other interested readers around the world working or interested in the diverse areas of contemporary ecclesiology and the important changing shape of the church.

The series editors represent a range of Christian traditions (including Roman Catholic, Reformed, Anglican, Evangelical) and disciplines (sociology, empirical, theological), and this reflects the breadth and depth of books developing in the series.

Books in the series (available in paperback):

(April 2013) Society Shaped by Theology – Robin Gill, University of Kent, Canterbury

Theology Shaped by Society – Robin Gill, University of Kent, Canterbury

Church Growth in Britain – David Goodhew, Cranmer Hall, UK

Theology in a Social Context – Robin Gill, University of Kent, Canterbury

A Reader in Ecclesiology – Bryan P. Stone, Boston University School of Theology, USA

Sydney Anglicans and the Threat to World Anglicanism – Muriel Porter, University of Melbourne School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, Australia

Series Advisory Board:

Martyn Percy (Oxford, Anglican)

Tom Hughson, (Marquette, USA and a Roman Catholic theologian)

Bruce Kaye, Australia (Anglican; theologian and editor of JAS)

James Nieman, Hartford USA (Reformed; congregational studies)

Sathi Clarke, India and USA (CSI contextual theology – esp. Asian)

Gemma Simmonds CJ, London, Heythrop, (RC; contemporary ecclesiology)

Gerald West, Africa (Anglican; contextual theology)

Philip Vickeri, China and USA (Reformed; missiology and contextual theology)

Helen Cameron, Oxford, UK (Reformed/Salvationist; Empirical and Practical Theology)

Tina Beattie, London UK (RC; Ecclesiology)

Nigel Wright, London UK (Baptist; Evangelicalism)

Simon Coleman, Toronto (Anthropology; new churches)

Submitting a Book Proposal:

Book proposals are invited for student/wider readership paperback texts, research monographs and edited collections, if they fit within the series profile.

Please send your initial book proposals to either the Series Editors or the Publisher: Sarah Lloyd

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