Ashgate Companions and Handbooks – over 30 titles now published

Ashgate’s Companions and Handbooks collection has become a major presence in the library market. Companions are increasingly seen as ‘core’ titles in library subject collections where they earn their shelf space by their authoritative content, up-to-date information, accessibility and relevance. To date there are over 30 Companion titles in print with new titles added each month.

Some highlights of our new titles for 2012 include: The Ashgate Research Companion to Monsters and the Monstrous, The Ashgate Research Companion to Modern Imperial Histories, The Ashgate Research Companion to Nineteenth-Century Spiritualism and the Occult, The Handbook of Operator Fatigue and A Handbook of Business Transformation Management Methodology. We are always looking for new ideas for Companions and Handbooks so if you would like to submit a proposal, please email Dymphna Evans, Publisher.

Ashgate’s renowned multi-volume reprint reference series programme continues alongside our Companions and Handbooks programme, and you can find more information on these series via our website.

Our new Companions and Handbooks 2012 catalogue is now available, and can be downloaded from our website.

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