“Highly recommended” in Choice magazine: Ryan Ashley Caldwell’s Fallgirls

Posted by David Cota, Marketing Coordinator

“…Caldwell’s book deserves a wide audience…The book highlights the pervasive misuse of gender by an overbearing, male-dominated institution and the social science research that validates it…Highly recommended…”   —Choice, October 2012

Ryan Ashley Caldwell explains in the preface why she was compelled to write Fallgirls:

I wrote this book based on my experiences as a researcher in sociology for the trials of Lynndie England and Sabrina Harman, and as a co-expert witness and researcher for the defense. As I participated in these trials with Dr. Stjepan Mestrovic, many different themes became apparent to me. Issues of power, gender, control, punishment, deceit, to name a few, were manifest in both the trials and the stories that were shared with me about Abu Ghraib. I knew then that there was more to Abu Ghraib then was being reported in the media and that it was my job to further convey these stories in ways that I knew how. I knew almost immediately that my reading of this abuse would apply a critical power perspective that used gender as a primary point of departure. This I could do.

Fallgirls provides an analysis of the abuses that took place at Abu Ghraib in terms of social theory, gender and power, based on first-hand participant-observations of the courts-martials of Lynndie England and Sabrina Harman.

The book examines the trials themselves, including interactions with soldiers and defense teams, documents pertaining to the courts-martials, US government reports and photographs from Abu Ghraib, in order to challenge the view that the abuses were carried out at the hands of a few rogue soldiers.

Visit Ashgate’s website to continue reading and to learn more about Fallgirls

To browse other newly reviewed Ashgate books in Choice see www.ashgate.com/choice

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