Michael Greenwood joins Ashgate as Senior Commissioning Editor for Ancient History

Michael GreenwoodWe are delighted to announce that Michael Greenwood has joined Ashgate Publishing as Senior Commissioning Editor for Ancient History.

Michael joins us from Bloomsbury Academic/Continuum, and has a passion for History (and for books!) which he has followed all his academic and working life. Prior to working as a commissioning editor, he was the editor of The Ancient and Medieval History Book Club and before that he worked as a bookseller.

Ashgate publishes the very best of History scholarship and the nascent Ancient History list follows this tradition of excellence and focus. Ancient History is an area of dynamic research and we aim to publish the books that showcase this innovative work. Our focus is the ancient Mediterranean from the Greece of Homer to the world of Late Antiquity.

History commissioning editors regularly attend the following conferences:

  • Classical Association UK
  • International Medieval Congress UK
  • American Philological Association US
  • American Historical Association US

Michael looks forward to discussing your new projects at conferences or by email and can assure you of a quick response and a close engagement with your proposal.

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