Modern British Artists – a new blog from Ashgate’s sister imprint Lund Humphries

Posted by Anna von Hahn, Lund Humphries Sales and Marketing Manager

The New Year brings a new venture from Lund Humphries, the leading publisher of books on Modern British Art.

Lund Humphries’ new blog Modern British Artists will feature stories from the Modern British Art world: On great artists and their galleries; on new books; on upcoming exhibitions, fairs and auctions, on famous collections; and on much more.

There will be several regular features, including Spotlight on Collections, a monthly Exhibitions Round-Up and the Book of the Week as chosen by Lund Humphries Managing Director Lucy Myers.

Mary Fedden Enigmas and VariationsOn this week: London Art Fair and “The Book of the Week” is on the great British artist Mary Fedden, who died on 22 June 2012 aged 96.

Check out the site now and join in, too, commenting on posts and recommending events.

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