Recent changes to our website – ebooks and subject finder

We’ve recently made some changes to our website. We have added a new area of our website for ebooks (most of our ebooks are now available in both ebook EPUB and ebook PDF formats). Note that we do not sell our ebooks ourselves but there are several purchase options available for both libraries and individuals. Full details are available at

The title search on our website enables you to include, exclude or search only for ebooks. Our title search can be found at

We’ve also added a ‘subject finder’ to our title search. You can use this to search for all titles within a subject area. If you are interested in books on Music, you can enter ‘mus’ in the box marked Subject on the search screen (you only need to enter the first three letters and the website will suggest subjects that may match what you are looking for). Highlight the subject you are interested in on the dropdown list and press Search and you will see all the titles we have available within that subject area.

We hope that you find these new features useful. If you have any feedback on these, or have any comments/suggestions for other features of our website, please contact us.

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