Future Archbishop of Canterbury to Contribute Foreword to Ashgate Volume

The conference Towards a Theology of Church Growth is to be held on 12-13 September, at St John’s College, part of the University of Durham. A book emanating from the conference will be published by Ashgate in 2014, edited by David Goodhew and with a foreword by the Rt. Revd Justin Welby.

” The team involved in this conference have done ground-breaking work and it will be very worth the commitment to attend.”   the Rt. Revd Justin Welby

Leading figures from across the spectrum of Anglicanism will speak at the conference – including Professor Alister McGrath, Rev Dr Graham Tomlin, Miranda Threlfall-Holmes and Sr Benedicta Ward. Further key scholars – such as C. Kavin Rowe of Duke and Ashley Null of Huboldt University, Berlin will be contributing simply to the volume. The volume will provide detailed discussion of the concept of church growth, recognising where it needs nuance, but also showing how it is rooted in the Biblical texts, systematic theology and church history.

More about the book and the conference ‘Towards a Theology of Church Growth’

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Also edited by David Goodhew: Church Growth in Britain: 1980 to the Present

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