How to Work with a Scholarly Press – Submitting the Final Manuscript

Posted by Whitney Feininger, Assistant Editor, Literary Studies

Submitting the final manuscript is one of the most exciting steps in the publishing process! This is the point where your commissioning editor will double-check your text, artwork, and permissions and make sure everything is organized and suitable for publication.  Unfortunately we can’t forward the manuscript on to our desk editorial department until everything has been submitted.  Here are some tips and tricks from Ashgate’s commissioning editors for a smooth process.

  • Read through the author guidelines you received with your contract. All of the instructions for submitting your manuscript are in the guidelines. If you need another copy, .pdfs of the author guidelines are available on the website or contact your commissioning editor.
  • Do not send the manuscript as one large Word file.  Using the table of contents as a guide, separate the manuscript out into individual chapters and label them individually. We also need a separate document for the title page, acknowledgments, lists of illustrations, part titles pages.
  • Submit all of the materials (manuscript, including Acknowledgements and Bibliography; permissions; and artwork, including for the cover) at one time – and keep a copy of everything!
  • For a book with internal images, ensure that all digital files you supply for illustrations are high resolution.  For half tones, the resolution needs to be at least 300 dpi; for line art, 1200 dpi.  Make sure to include a List of Illustrations in the front matter, and to send artwork for each image to be included in the book.
  • Label all of the figures – artwork, tables, graphs, correctly. These instructions are in the author guidelines.
  • Indicate where the figures should go in the text and specify whether they should be reproduced in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Permissions are a very important feature of your delivery; we cannot begin the production process for your book without a complete set of these documents. Please make sure they are all in order and that, unless otherwise agreed with your editor (for example, for a heavily illustrated book which may not be issued in electronic format) that they cover both print and e-book editions.
  • Label the permissions with their corresponding figure.  Again, be sure to keep a complete set of permissions for your own records.
  • Submit your contributor forms and make sure you’ve provided all of the contributors’ addresses – so that we can ensure that every contributor gets a copy of the published book.
  • Include a copy of the filled-out Typescript Delivery Form included in your author guidelines.
  •  Finally, if there is anything that is not clear to you, ask your commissioning editor.

This is the third post in our occasional series: “How to Work with a Scholarly Press”

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