World Social Work Day

Posted by Claire Jarvis, Senior Commissioning Editor

Ashgate Publishing is very pleased to promote World Social Work Day on the 19th of March and its theme of promoting social and economic equality around the world. As the International Federation of Social Workers states:

Social work has a critical role in the promotion of social and economic equalities and in striving for a people-focused and regulated economy. World Social Work Day is the annual opportunity to advocate a social work perspective in political systems that affect the wellbeing of peoples and to celebrate the social work contribution to societies.

We are publishing a number of books over the next 12 months which demonstrate how social workers are working to achieve these goals.

Decolonizing Social Work by Mel Gray, John Coates, Michael Yellow Bird and Tiani Hetherington is the follow-up to the hugely successful Indigenous Social Work Around the World. In this path-breaking  volume, Indigenous and non-Indigenous social work scholars examine local cultures, beliefs, values, and practices as central to decolonization. Supported by a growing interest in spirituality and ecological awareness in international social work, they interrogate trends, issues, and debates in Indigenous social work theory, practice methods, and education models including Indigenous research approaches.

North American social work practitioners and academics will find much of interest in Hilary Weaver’s forthcoming ‘Social Work and Native Americans’.

Sven Hessle has taken on the task of editing three volumes of contributions from last year’s hugely successful Social work and Social Development conference in Stockholm. Taken together, these three books provide the most comprehensive overview of the current state of social work around the world:

‘Human Rights and Social Equality Challenges for Social Work’

‘Global Social Transformation and Social Action: The Role of Social Workers’

‘Social Work, Environmental Change and Sustainable Social Development’

We will be attending a number of conferences this year, so if you’d like to see the range of books we’re publishing or to discuss any potential book projects, please email me at or arrange a meeting with me at one of the following conferences:

European Social Work Research Conference: 20-22 March, Jyvaskula, Finland

JSWEC: 10-12 July, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

IFSW Asia Pacific Conference, June 4-6, Manila, The Philippines

To hear about new social work books as they are published, sign up for our monthly social work and social policy email update

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