Announcing a New Series from Ashgate Publishing: Outlaws in Literature, History, and Culture

Posted by Whitney Feininger, Assistant Editor, Literary Studies

Lesley A. Coote and Alexander L. Kaufman are very excited about the future of outlaw studies and its home with Ashgate. We have assembled an international advisory board of scholars, and we welcome proposals for monographs, essay collections, and scholarly editions of primary texts.

Outlaws in Literature, History, and Culture examines the nature, function, and context of the outlaw and the outlawed – people, spaces, practices – in the pre-modern world, and in its modern representations. By its nature, outlawry reflects not only the outlawed, but the forces of law which seek to define and to contain it. Throughout the centuries, a wide and ever-changing, and yet ever familiar, variety of outlaw characters and narratives have captured the imagination of audiences both particular and general, local and global.

This series seeks to reflect the transcultural, transgendered and interdisciplinary manifestations, and the different literary, political, socio-historical, and media contexts in which the outlaw/ed may be encountered from the medieval period to the modern. We accept proposals for scholarly monographs and edited collections of essays whose focus includes literary, historical, folkloric, and cultural studies; critical editions; and translations of outlaw texts. And while the outlaw is perhaps best known as a figure from the Middle Ages, the lives of outlaws continue to live well beyond the medieval period; as such, Outlaws in Literature, History, and Culture’s chronology begins in the Middle Ages and continues to the present day.

To submit a proposal, please send either a preliminary letter of inquiry or a formal prospectus to the series editors and to Ashgate Publishing at the following email addresses:

Lesley Coote

Alex Kaufman

Whitney Feininger

Please visit the series website or stop by the Ashgate booth at Kalamazoo for more information!

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