Sociology in the Mainstream as Never Before!

Posted by Claire Jarvis, Senior Commissioning Editor

Last month’s British Sociological Association conference (BSA) featured a hugely fascinating keynote session from Polly Toynbee and Laurie Taylor. In it, they argued that sociology has gone mainstream in a way that it hasn’t been for quite some time. Networked UrbanismThe BSA was held during the week that The Great British Class Calculator was launched. This was designed and the data analysed by Professors Mike Savage (editor of ‘Networked Urbanism’) and Fiona Devine and their teams at the London School of Economics and the Universities of York and Manchester. It seemed to provoke as much debate in the media and wider society as it did at the BSA!

Another fine example of sociologists’  work achieving coverage in the mainstream press is a recent article in ‘The Mirror’ featuring Ashgate author Jenny van Hooff talking about physical attractiveness and relationships.

Modern CouplesDr van Hooff is the author of Modern Couples? : Continuity and Change in Heterosexual Relationships. This fascinating and ground-breaking book questions the extent to which contemporary relationships have become detraditionalized, and emphasizes evidence of continuing gender inequalities. Read the first chapter on our website.

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