Ashgate out and about

The next few weeks will be busy ones for us, as we attend a number of conferences. We’ll have books on display, and commissioning editors in attendance at many of these, so it’s a good opportunity to take a closer look at some of our new books, or to talk to us about possible book proposals. Maybe we will see you at one of these events?

RGS-IBG conference
28-30 August 2013, London (Valerie Rose, Katy Crossan and Fiona Dunford in attendance for Ashgate)

European Sociological Association
28-31 August 2013, Turin (Neil Jordan and Claire Jarvis)

British Association for Victorian Studies
29-31 August 2013, London (Hattie Wilson)

American Political Science Association
29 August -1 September 2013, Chicago (Robert Sorsby and Elizabeth Sutton)

University Association for Contemporary European Studies
2-4 September 2013, Leeds (Michael Drapper)

British Association for the Study of Religion
3-6 September 2013, Liverpool Hope (Sarah Lloyd)

European Society of Criminology
4-7 September 2013, Budapest (Alison Kirk)

European Network for Social Policy
5-7 September 2013, Poznan (Claire Jarvis)

7th ECPR General Conference
4-7 September 2013, Pessac (Rob Sorsby)

The Military Orders: Culture and Conflict
5-8 September 2013, London (John Smedley)

Eighth Biennial International Conference on Music since 1900
12-15 September 2013, Liverpool (Heidi Bishop and Emma Gallon)

Centre for the History of Retailing and Distribution
13-15 September 2013, Leeds (Emily Yates)

8th Pan-European Conference on International Relations – SGIR
18-21 September 2013, Warsaw (Kirstin Howgate)

Royal Musical Association Annual Conference
19-21 September 2013, London (Emma Gallon, Laura Macy and Heidi Bishop)

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
30 September-4 October 2013, San Diego (Guy Loft and Leigh Norwich)

Our website always has an up to date list of conferences we’ll be attending

Find out more about submitting a book proposal

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