Ashgate launches new book series — Contemporary Theological Explorations in Christian Mysticism

Posted by Luana Life, Marketing Co-ordinator

The first 2 books in the Contemporary Theological Explorations in Christian Mysticism series, Exploring Lost Dimensions in Christian Mysticism and Christian Mysticism and Incarnational Theology, are now available! Both titles are edited by Louise Nelstrop and Simon D. Podmore.

Christian Mysticism and Incarnational Theology  Exploring Lost Dimensions

Series co-editor, Patricia Z. Beckman, has this to say about the series:

“We’re seeing a phenomenal rise in interest in Christian mysticism in our time. Perhaps it isn’t exaggerating to say this may be the most widespread interest since other peak episodes in Christian history like the European medieval or Eastern early periods. Why?

Christians are hungry for direct experience, full embodied commitment to a God of fierce beauty and love. They’re eager to engage in deep study and devotional practices to further that relationship with God. And they realize that this mystical element has always been a part of their traditions—Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant, alike. So in a sense, the increased interest in mysticism mirrors much mystical teaching itself—through it people seek to experience what has always been there, freely offered.

I hope this series will connect people with the breadth and depth of Christian mysticism so that they can fully engage the transformation of an integrated Christian life. I hope they will meet mystery here. This is recovery of important historical moments, theoretical insights, and even newly discovered figures, but importantly, it is also new application to contemporary life, all with expert guides who have immersed themselves in the rich traditions of Christian mysticism. It is very good scholarship attuned to real human needs and desires. As such, the series too mirrors and aspires to the very mysticism it engages.”


Interested in learning more? Visit the Contemporary Theological Explorations in Christian Mysticism series page.

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