A new article by Historian Iain Robertson, about land ownership in the Highlands after World War One

Posted by Fiona Dunford, Marketing Executive

History Scotland has recently published an interesting article by Iain Robertson about land ownership in the Highlands after World War One.

On 11 November, 1918 there were no doubt many Highland Scots heartily relieved that they, or their loved ones, had made it through to the end of the war. And whilst there were further tragedies waiting just round the corner for those from the Outer Hebrides and the isles of Lewis and Harris in particular, no doubt many were anticipating returning to a land made ‘fit for heroes’. In this they were largely to be thwarted…

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Iain Robertson is author of Landscapes of Protest in the Scottish Highlands after 1914: The Later Highland Land Wars. He is Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Gloucestershire, UK.


Lanscapes of Protest in the Scottish Highlands‘The so-called “Later Highland Land Wars” have long awaited systematic analysis. No longer. Robertson’s study transforms our understanding of the causes, form and consequences of agitation over the access to land in the post-1914 Scottish Highlands. Blending conceptual innovation, oral history, and subtle readings of the archive, this is a critical landmark in protest history.’    Carl Griffin, University of Sussex

‘Skilfully interrogating rich archival sources, Iain Robertson reveals the extent and significance of rural protest in Highland Scotland after 1914 – protest led by men who, having fought for their country, were now fighting for their land. This is an insightful book about landscape and power, memory and morality, politics and resistance.’   Charles W.J. Withers, University of Edinburgh

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