Ashgate is delighted to announce the launch of a new series – Memory Studies-Global Constellations

Posted by Claire Jarvis, Senior Commissioning Editor

Edited by Henri-Lustiger-Thaler, the new Memory Studies-Global Constellations series takes as its starting point the belief that the ‘past in the present’ has returned in the early twenty-first century with a vengeance, and with it the expansion of categories of experience. These experiences have largely been lost in the advance of rationalist and constructivist understandings of subjectivity and their collective representations. The cultural stakes around forgetting, ‘useful forgetting’ and remembering, locally, regionally, nationally and globally have risen exponentially. It is therefore not unusual that ‘migrant memories’; micro-histories; personal and individual memories in their interwoven relation to cultural, political and social narratives; the mnemonic past and present of emotions, embodiment and ritual; and finally, the mnemonic spatiality of geography and territories are receiving more pronounced hearings.

This transpires as the social sciences themselves are consciously globalizing their knowledge bases. In addition to the above, the reconstructive logic of memory in the juggernaut of galloping informationalization is rendering it more and more publically accessible, and therefore part of a new global public constellation around the coding of meaning and experience. Memory studies as an academic field of social and cultural inquiry emerges at a time when global public debate – buttressed by the fragmentation of national narratives – has accelerated. Societies today, in late globalized conditions, are pregnant with newly unmediated and unfrozen memories once sequestered in wide collective representations. We welcome manuscripts that examine and analyze these profound cultural traces.

This is an interdisciplinary series, with each publication appealing not only to sociologists and memory studies scholars, but a variety of disciplines which connect with the larger questions being addressed.

The series editor- Henri Lustiger-Thaler- is a specialist in the emerging field of collective memory and movements scholar at Ramapo College, New Jersey USA and Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France. He is author of Political Arrangements: Power and the City and co-editor of Globalization and Social Movements and Urban Movements in a Globalizing World. He is currently editing a book for Ashgate entitled Reimagining Social Movements and writing a book for Yale University Press on the Orthodox Jewish experience of the Holocaust.

Both Henri and I are actively looking for new proposals for the series, so if you’d like further information, please email me at

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