Henry VIII and the Court – Lucy Worsley’s book of the year (2013)

We were delighted to learn that Lucy Worsley chose Henry VIII and the Court as her book of 2013:

‘My book of the year was ‘Henry VIII and the Court’ (Ashgate), an essay collection edited by Tom Betteridge and Suzannah Lipscomb. The 17 historians involved in the project are all working at the coalface of history, collaboratively changing our perception of the king and his world. This will be the stuff of popular history in the future: read it here first’. Lucy Worsley, The Daily Telegraph: Best books of 2013

The Journal of the Northern Renaissance liked it too:

‘The collection as a whole gives an extremely entertaining, interdisciplinary overview of the wide-ranging debates and issues surrounding the arts, politics and performances at the Henrician court… The volume extends the range of sources and paradigms through which the King and his Court should be considered. No less significant, it also appears to have fully mastered the all-important and oft-forgotten notion, to delight and instruct.’

Henry VIII and the Court: Art, Politics and Performance is edited by Thomas Betteridge and Suzannah Lipscomb.

Henry VIII and the CourtThe book showcases the very latest thinking and research on Henry and his court, and highlights how the political, religious and cultural aspects of Henry’s reign came together to create a one of the most significant and transformative periods of English history. It is genuinely interdisciplinary, drawing on literature, art history, architecture and drama.

Contributors: Suzannah Lipscomb; Thomas Betteridge; G.W. Bernard; Maria Hayward; Glenn Richardson; Elizabeth T. Hurren; Kent Rawlinson; Brett Dolman; Tatiana C. String; Ruth Ahnert; Susan Wabuda; Catherine Fletcher; Eamon Duffy; Susan Brigden; Thomas S. Freeman; Eleanor Rycroft; Peter Happé; Steven Gunn.

More information about Henry VIII and the Court: Art, Politics and Performance

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