Ashgate Author, Roger Cotterrell, Awarded the Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA) 2013 Prize for Contributions to the Socio-Legal Community

The Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA) was formed in 1990, established as a result of the Socio-Legal Group’s annual meeting (now a conference) for socio-legal scholars to gather and circulate their work.  The conference, however, is not the SLSA’s only annual occurrence.  They also facilitate three annual awards, one of which is the SLSA Prize for Contributions to the Socio-Legal Community.  It is this prize we are pleased to announce that Ashgate author, Roger Cotterrell, of Law, Culture and Society (among several others) has been awarded.

Cotterell is formally trained in both law and sociology from the University of London and has been an academician for some time.  He’s been an Anniversary Professor of Legal Theory at School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London since 2005—which was the same year he was elected as a Fellow of the British Academy. This honor is given only to a select few law professors and is considered the highest recognition for scholars in the UK.  This alone illustrates the importance of Cotterrell’s work to the field.

However, prior to this most recent appointment as Anniverary Professor, Cotterrell served in various other capacities, including the Acting Head and Head of the College’s Department of Law (1989–1991), Dean of the Faculty of Laws (1993–1996), and Professor of Legal Theory (1990–2005).  And, before joining the Queen Mary faculty, he taught at the University of Leicester. He has held several visiting academic positions over the years, spanning across the globe from Texas to Brussels to Hong Kong.  He’s served on countless journal advisory boards also with an international range, including but not limited to the Journal of Law and Society (UK); Griffith Law Review (Australia); Clio & Themis (France); and Comparative Law Review (Poland).  In addition to this service, he’s authored and edited over 100 books, chapters, and journal articles over the course of his (still on-going) career.

It should be of no surprise then that other scholars in his field recognize him as an essential contributor to the Socio-Legal field.  Other scholars like David Nelken (also an Ashgate author) nominated Cotterell for this award. In his nomination letter, Nelken stated:

Roger is, for most of his peers, the leading social theorist of law and sociologist of law in
the UK, and amongst the very best worldwide…The range of his corpus of work is second
to none amongst his colleagues…Roger has been a model to generations of colleagues
and students. He is an exemplary scholar that our field is fortunate to have produced.

We congratulate Cotterrell on his most recent accomplishment and celebrate in the outstanding contributions he’s made to his field and to academia. May we also say, we are proud to have him among our Ashgate authors.

Roger Cotterrell’s other Ashgate books include: Law and Society (1994), Sociological Perspectives on Law (two volumes, 2001), Law in Social Theory (2006), Living Law (2008) and Émile Durkheim (2010).

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