Queering Fat Embodiment’s social media book tour

Posted by Michael Drapper, Marketing Executive

Queering Fat EmbodimentCongratulations to the editors of Queering Fat EmbodimentCat Pausé, Jackie Wykes, and Samantha Murray – for hosting a successful global book launch using Google Hangouts on Air! If you missed the live launch, you can watch a recording of it here.

Against the backdrop of the ever-growing medicalisation, pathologisation, and commodification of fatness, coupled with the moral panic over an alleged ‘obesity epidemic’, this volume brings together the latest scholarship from various critical disciplines to challenge existing ideas of fat and fat embodiment. Queer is a heterogeneous and multidisciplinary practice aimed at ‘bringing forth’ and thus denaturalising the taken for granted, the invisible, the normalized. This book examines the ways in which fat embodiment is lived, experienced, regulated and (re)produced across a range of cultural sites and contexts.

Queering Fat Embodiment is the first book to focus on the intersection of queer studies and fat studies, and promises to be a classic in its field. What could be more exciting than discussions of fat and queer fashion, desire, performance, cyberspace, and politics, as well as the fluidity of gender identity, bodies, and sexuality? It’s a great read,’ reviewed Dr Esther Rothblum, editor of Fat Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight & Society

‘Queering Fat Embodiment is an important contribution to the emerging literature of Fat Studies because it restates the necessity for radical critique and makes space for anti-assimilationist activism. The book offers an exciting balance of better-known contributors and fresh new voices and I highly recommend it to anybody interested in developing a critical understanding of fat and obesity,’ notes Dr Charlotte Cooper of The Obesity Timebomb.

Queering Fat Embodiment sheds light on the ways in which fat embodiment is lived, experienced, regulated, and (re)produced across a range of cultural sites and contexts. Contributing authors include Katie LeBesco, Robyn Longhurst, Jenny Lee, Margitte Kristjansson, Stefanie Jones, Kimberly Dark, James Burford, Sam Orchard, Scott Beattie and Zoë Meleo-Erwin.

The editors are currently conducting a social media book tour, with stops along the way on blogs, online magazines, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, and more! If you’d like to follow along the tour, tour stops are updated here.

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