Theology and California authors Fred Sanders and Jason S. Sexton at Green Apple Books

Posted by Hattie Wilson, Marketing Executive

Green Apple Books in San Francisco are to host an event with Fred Sanders and Jason Sexton. On Wednesday 15th October at 7pm, Sanders and Sexton will discuss theology in California with Kevin Starr, a Californian State Librarian and University Professor at the University of Southern California. You can view their event page here.

Fred Sanders is evangelical Protestant theologian with a passion for the great tradition of Christian thought and a professor in Biola University’s great books programme, the Torrey Honors Institute. With Oliver Crisp he is the coordinator of the annual Los Angeles Theology Conference, and he is a faculty member for the Los Angeles Bible Training School.

Jason S. Sexton is a fourth generation Californian who taught theology at Cambridge while a visiting scholar at Ridley Hall. He is currently a Research Associate at USC’s Center for Religion and Civic Culture, is a lecturer in the Honors Department at California State University, Fullerton, and is the Administrative Convener of the TECC Project. He holds the PhD from the University of St. Andrews on the doctrine of the Trinity and contemporary evangelical theology.

Theology and CaliforniaAshgate have recently published Sanders and Sexton’s new venture, Theology and California. In the book, the editors gather leading theologians, cultural critics, specialists in film studies, theological anthropology, missiology, sociology and history. Exploring California as a theological place, Theology and California renders critical engagement with significant Californian religious and theological phenomena, and the inherent theological impulses within major Californian cultural icons.

Theology and California is available in paperback, hardback and ebook editions.

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