Prester John on BBC Radio 4

Posted by Hattie Wilson, Senior Marketing Executive

On Thursday 4th June, Melvin Bragg’s BBC Radio 4 show In Our Time will discuss the legend of Prester John. The story of the mysterious oriental leader Prester John, a ruler of a land teeming with marvels who may come to the aid of Christians in the Levant, held an intense grip on the medieval mind.

Keagan Brewer (University of Sydney, Australia) has translated a number of sources from which we have inherited our knowledge of Prester John. Published within the Crusade Texts in Translation series, Prester John: The Legend and its Sources presents each source both in their original language and in their English language translation.

Ashgate are also soon to publish the dramatic tales of fifteenth-century Ethiopian travellers on the road to Renaissance Italy. Matteo Salvadore tells a story of reciprocal acceptance and transcultural collaboration as it unfolded throughout the Mediterranean and Red Sea. Prester John and the Birth of Ethiopian-European Relations, 1402-1555 will publish in the Transculturalisms, 1400-1700 series in 2016.

In Our Time will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 9am (GMT). You can listen again after the broadcast by visiting BBC iPlayer.

Prester John titles published by Ashgate:

Prester John: The Legend and its Sources Translated by Keagan Brewer, University of Sydney, Australia; Crusade Texts in Translation series.

Prester John of the Indies: A True Relation of the Lands of the Prester John, being the narrative of the Portuguese Embassy to Ethiopia in 1520, written by Father Francisco Alvares. Volumes I-II, edited by C.F. Beckingham and G.W.B. Huntingford; Hakluyt Society Second Series. (This is a print-on-demand title.)

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