Interview with Lucy Green by Gareth Dylan Smith

Posted by Luana Life, Marketing Coordinator

An Interview with Lucy Green

Lucy Green, Professor of Music Education at the Institute of Education, University of London and author of How Popular Musicians Learn (2002) and Music, Informal Learning and the School: A New Classroom Pedagogy (2008) discusses research that sparked from a burning question. Listen and learn from this passionate music educator as she speaks with interviewer, Gareth Dylan Smith, author of I Drum, Therefore I Am (2013).


Sample of book reviews:

Music informal learning and the schoolMusic, Informal Learning and the School: A New Classroom Pedagogy

‘… this is a very important music education book, not only challenging established views and prejudices of music teaching, but also demonstrating how teachers could act to make a difference and work for change. Reading this book is a must for every music educator, not necessarily with the aim of copying every detail of the project, but to relate to, reflect and act upon in his/her ongoing music teaching. This project is also a very good example of praxis-based research. The thick descriptions and the sharp, well-structured analyses offer a great amount of valuable knowledge to researchers as well as educators.’ Music Education Research ‘… the sophisticated and methodical analysis that Green brings to this work is a helpful illumination that should empower, promote and extend the activity of music educators across our schools.’ Journal of Music Technology and Education

How popular musicians learnHow Popular Musicians Learn

‘… [a] stimulating book … lucid analysis … thought-provoking.’  Times Educational Supplement ‘Lucy Green’s latest book has been on the shelves for only a year or two, but already feels like a necessary part of music education literature … Returning to this book a year after I first read it, I have found new aspects of interest and value, as well as much which has quickly become familiar and helpful to educational discussion. Lucy Green has navigated the boundaries of academic disciplines and musical genres with great skill: I would recommend this book to any reader with an interest in musical learning …’  Popular Music

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