What is the most popular activity in the UK? The answer may surprise you…

Going to church? Going to the cinema? Watching the football?

Visiting Libraries is the most popular activity in the UK

It is probably safe to say that Libraries have been in the news constantly over the last couple of years, but for all the wrong reasons… funding cuts, closures etc. So it is great to see some positive news coming from one of my favourite bloggers Ned Potter.

When someone tells you libraries are no longer relevant in the digital age, think again, and keep these stats in mind, that’s 536 visits per minute, just while you were reading this post.

At Ashgate we have always believed that libraries have a strong healthy future, which is one of the reasons why we are so proud of the library and information management books we publish. Here are some recent highlights or view our latest catalogue here.

PPCspine22mmDeveloping Community-Led Public Libraries by John Pateman and Ken Williment

‘If the Minister for Libraries seeks clarification on what exactly constitutes a comprehensive and efficient service he need look no further than this excellent book’ CILIP Update

View an extract here.

Pateman & Vincent casePublic Libraries and Social Justice by John Pateman and John Vincent

a well-researched and compelling account which should play an important role in the ongoing debate about the role and contribution of the public library service.’ CILIP Update

Pick up a copy here.

PPCspine22mmReading Groups, Libraries and Social Inclusion by Eileen Hyder

‘a welcome contribution to the growing body of qualitative and quantitative knowledge about blind people’s reading habits’

Publishing History

Look inside the book.

Linking Literacy PPC_AsselinLinking Literacy and Libraries in Global Communities by Marlene Asselin and Ray Doiron

‘a positive and inspiring contribution to the promotion of the value of libraries in building globally literate communities.’ Australian Library Journal

Purchase a copy

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