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Ashgate Critical Development Studies series – a call for proposals

We are calling for proposals for a new series: Ashgate Critical Development Studies

The series editors are Henry Veltmeyer, Saint Mary’s University, Canada, Elisa van Waeyenberge, SOAS University of London, Paul Bowles, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada and Salvatore Babones, University of Sydney

The current multi-faceted global crisis cries out for a more critical, proactive approach to the study of international development.

The crisis comes at the end of three decades of uneven capitalist development and neoliberal globalization that have devastated the economies and societies, and the livelihoods and lives, of people across the world, especially in the developing societies of the Global South.

The challenge of providing the study of international development with a critical edge has become the project of a broad and increasingly global network of activist development scholars who are concerned and engaged in using their research to help effect transformative social change that might lead to a better world. This series will provide a forum and outlet for the publication of books in the broad interdisciplinary field of critical development studies – to generate new knowledge that can be used to promote transformative change and alternative development.

The editors of the series welcome the submission of original manuscripts that focus on issues of concern to the growing worldwide community of activist scholars in this field.

Critical Development Studies (CDS) encompasses a broad array of issues ranging from concerns about the sustainability of the environment and livelihoods, the political economy of social inequality and world capitalism, alternative models of local and community-based development, the landgrabbing and resource-grabbing dynamics of extractive capital, the class dynamics of political and economic power, and the political sociology of social change and social movements, to the dynamics of resistance and the contours of the contemporary class struggle, and the capitalism and imperialism of the 21st century.

For more information on how to submit a book proposal to the series, please contact Kirstin Howgate, at khowgate@ashgate.com.